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Jetaudio Hd Music Player Plus Pro Mod Apk v10.1.0 Free Download For Android

Jetaudio Hd Music Player Plus Pro Mod Apk
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Jetaudio Hd Music Player Plus Pro Mod Apk:Are you passionate about music? Many of us love to listen to music as it motivates us to do work more efficiently. When working out, music has most listened because it pushes the person to do more if the beat is high and pumping.

However, many of us face an issue that the sound of the music is altered by most music applications and is not very compatible with headsets. In recent times, many new technological innovations led to the betterment of the music mechanism as well. We have been looking around to find an application that assists the users in having a great music indulgence experience.

The name of the application is Jet Audio plus which is considered to be the best amongst the other available in the market at the moment. This application acts as a great MP3 player with bands graphic equalizer of 10/20 and different types of sound effects that make a song even more interesting and stimulating to hear.

Recently it has become a popular user choice due to the high rating that it has gotten since its launch. If you are a person that faces difficulty in learning the lyrics you can also enable the lyric option that will help you learn them even faster. For all the music lovers out there, this application is a feast.



All media files are supported

You can use any type of media file or download any type of song format; it will all play on this app as it supports a wide variety of formats. This is convenient as you will not have to switch the song format.

CDs and DVDs are played

You can also play CDs and DVDs; this is rare for an application as this mechanism has become old that not many applications support.

Free of cost

The basic and required features are free of cost which means you can collect songs and download them on this application for absolutely free.

User-friendly inference

All the features of this application are easy to use which means you will not have to spend a lot of time learning the application.


Sound is low in some devices

Some users have complained that while listening to some songs the sound is lower; the sound threshold is not equal for every song it varies according to the format.

Not supported by some managers

Some managers are not supported by this application.

Freezes sometimes

If many applications are open at the same time the app freezes randomly.


Equalizer for graphics

There is also an equalizer for graphics making it more efficient.

Supports MP3, FLOC, and MP4, etc.

Most of the song formats are supported by the application.

Sleep timer

The app detects if the users have fallen asleep, the app shuts on its own in that matter.

Lock screen

Even if the screen is locked the music can be changed.

Compatibility with handset

With every hand free the sound remains the same and is not altered.

Enhanced sound

Through this application the sound is enhanced.

Library mode

In library mode the users can build their library with their choice of songs, not just one but multiple.

Volume control

The volume control is efficient and convenient for the sake of time.

Swipe button

You can swipe your finger across the screen to change the song or control other features.

Shake option to play the next song

You do not even have to open your phone to change a song, simply shake your phone and song will change.

Visual effects

Along with the sound effects are visual effects are also amazing, the graphic frequency video when the song plays are therapeutic.

Jetaudio Hd Music Player Plus Pro Mod Apk SPECIFICATIONS

FILE NAME Jetaudio Hd Music Player Plus Pro Mod Apk
FILE SIZE 8.7 M.B,17.7 M.B
VERSION 10.1.0
LATEST UPDATE February 22, 2020

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

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The process to install the application is fairly easy as it can be downloaded in the android phones very easily, one of the simplest options to download this application in the phone is through Google play which requires the user to type in the name of the application in the search bar and download it by clicking on the install button provided. In case, due to any issues if the application cannot be downloaded through Google play, the following steps can be adopted to download the application:

First of all, the users have to click on the download link provided on the website which will initiate the process of the download.

Secondly go to your phone settings where you will find a security option.

Click on the security option and enable the unknown files.

After you have enabled the unknown source and the file has been downloaded on your phone.

Click on the install button, the download is almost complete.

Create a shortcut on the main window of the phone so that it can be accessed easily.

Your application is now ready to be used.


Is this application available on Google play for installation?

Yes! This app is easily available on Google play; however, an alternative method is also explained in case, there is an issue with Google Play.

What are the potential drawbacks of this application?

The potential drawback of this application is that many users find that while listening to some songs the sound is lower than usual that puts the people off.

Is this application available in all countries?

Yes! This application is available in all the countries you can install this application anytime and anywhere.

Can we use this application without paying any money?

Yes! For availing some of the features you will have to pay a little amount of money.

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