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Mortal Kombat X Mod APK v2.5.0 Unlimited Money

Mortal Kombat X Mod APK
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The most thrilling and adventurous fighting game has finally released an Android version! Mortal Kombat X Mod APK has entered the mobile gaming world with a completely new and exciting storyline for all the Mortal Kombat lovers out there.

Get a chance to be a part of the Mortal Kombat squad to fight against the evil resistance that prevails, assemble the greatest and ultimate fighting squad with the help of powerful warriors to take part in the most awaited fighting tournament.

Each player in this epic game is equipped with one great skill over another; it is up to you to ensure that you have strong, powerful and highly spirited players in your team to win the greatest combat in the history of planet earth. Mortal Kombat X Mod APK will be putting your fighting skills to the test to ensure that you get this win; alongside you will be some of the greatest players from the Mortal Kombat Universe, so get ready to train them to work to their maximum potential.

The developers of this in demand application have made it their top most priority to ensure that the game play is epic, that the application is user friendly, and that the graphics are high definition so players feel as if they are in a real combat. Mortal Kombat X Mod APK has a lot in store for you, now it is up to you to download the greatest fighting game of all time and experience it for real!

Advantages + Disadvantages


  • Epic storyline that follows the storylines of other infamous Mortal Kombat games
  • Inclusion of previous mortal kombat characters, some of them include Dragon Tremor, Kano, Kabal, and many more
  • Excellent and realistic high definition graphics that will make the battles seem extremely realistic and gruesome
  • The sound quality is off the charts, when fatalities occur, you can hear the sounds of bones cracking and rocks crumbling
  • Can be played on any software Android and iOS
  • This game is completely free, you will not have to spend a single penny out of your own pocket to play Mortal Kombat X Mod APK
  • The game has been developed with efficient systems and processes hence it will perform to perfection, without any glitches or lagging
  • Online gaming, get a chance to play against your friends and defeat them in kombat
  • The application of Mortal Kombat X Mod APK is extremely user-friendly, an armature can easily play the game and use the application


  • This game requires a lot of space on the mobile device so it might be heavy on the memory
  • There are pop up ads in Mortal Kombat X Mod APK, which could distract you from wars and Kombats


Mortal Kombat Universe Characters

Get to play with three of the best characters from previous mortal kombat games, and gain control over their skills and abilities to for your benefit.

3 VS 3 Kombat

Mortal Kombat X Mod APK gives you the chance to create your own aggressive and epic team that with players that have cool and thrilling skills, special attacks, and powerful weapons. Lead your team into victory against Team Nightmare, Team Ronin, and many more dangerous teams.


Gain control over more than 130 mortal kombat characters for your team/ roaster. These characters include the most powerful and skilled ones such as, Ronin Kitana, Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Mileena, and so many more blood thirsty and rage filled fighters.

Thrilling Challenges

Take part in thrilling and dangerous fighting challenges every single week.

Online Multiplayer Wars

If you want a fun and exciting way to spend time with your friends then you can compete with them online, in Faction Wars. The winners will get to climb up the faction board and gain weekly prizes.


Mortal Kombat X Mod APK allows you to unlock new customizable skills and strengths for your characters. Through this you can win battles and show case your combo of fighting skills and destroy your opponents.

Epic Fatalities

Just because this is a mobile version of the game does not mean that players will not have epic, gruesome, and jaw dropping fatalities. Watch your players knock out opponents and punch their guts out!

Adventurous Quests + Triumphal Rewards

Embark on your journey from Outworld and end up in Netherrealm, while having your characters complete unique, dangerous, and adventurous quests along the way in order to win rewards and prizes to help you destroy and dismantle other teams on the way.


FILE NAME Mortal Kombat X Mod APK
FILE SIZE 1.1 M.B,0.98 GB
DEVELOPED BY Warner Bros. International Enterprises

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

How to Install Mortal Kombat X Mod APK

Step 1)

Uninstall any version of Mortal Kombat X Mod APK that you have previously downloaded in your device

Step 2)

Click on the downloadable link for Mortal Kombat X Mod APK

Step 3)

Once you click the link of Mortal Kombat X Mod APK, you will receive a conformation message regarding permission to download the link, click “Yes”

Step 4)

After the file has been downloaded, proceed by moving it to your smart phone and install Mortal Kombat X Mod APK. (If you initially downloaded the file in your mobile device then just install it directly.)

Step 5)

Upon installation, you will receive another conformation message regarding permission to install Mortal Kombat X Mod APK, click “yes” and continue

Step 6)

In order to launch the game of Mortal Kombat X Mod APK, first move the .obb file according to the following manner “Sdcard/Android/Obb” if by any chance your device does not contain an sdcard then follow the following process “Andorid/ Obb”

Step 7)

Click on the application, launch Mortal Kombat X Mod APK, and feel the rush of being in kombat!


Can I download Mortal Kombat X Mod APK from the Google Play Store?

No, you cannot download this game from there; this is a modified version of Mortal Kombat X, so all the features that are available in this version will not be in the Google Play Store version.

Are players from the previous mortal kombat games in this game?

Yes, many players in this game are form the mortal kombat universe, the come will their unique skills and abilities too.

What is the file size of Mortal Kombat X Mod APK?

This game is around 31 MB’s.


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