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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes’ Mod Apk v19.526635 Unlimited Crystals Download

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes’ Mod Apk
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Star wars galaxy of heroes’ mod apk has been developed by Electronic Arts based on the famous series of star wars. The game enables you to relive your dream of joining your favorite characters and conquer different lands and become the hero of the galaxy.

The gamers will collect various heroes’ and villains that they have collected from over the universe. They will use these characters to fight battles. These characters will be available in the form of cards and during the battle the gamer will show their cards and the specific character will show on the battlefield.

Each of these characters comes with their own powers and special moves and you are allowed to own up to five characters. Turn based combat s used and each player will be given a limited amount of time to decide upon their next move.

Advantages and disadvantages of star wars galaxy of heroes’



the game allows you to play for free without having to access the resources by downloading different apps.

Facebook connection:

you can login with Facebook in this game and get benefits like earning crystals. You can also invite your friends on Facebook.


the game is available in 3 D graphics that make everything seem real. Now you can view the effects of the game and fight your battles in greater quality.

Music and sound:

the game consists of the original soundtrack of star wars and also the voice overs of the original character.



The file is not compatible with the older versions of android as it is not very lightweight and takes up space in your device.


Create your own team

You can collect multiple heroes’ and villains across the universe and fight your battles with the vast amounts of characters available from the movie and also the previous games. You can play on both dark and light sides with your characters. The game has up to 140 different characters all with different abilities and powers.

Travel through the universe

The game allows you to travel through the universe and visit different planets. You can discover new lands that are strange in their way and have never been seen before. Each planet comes with various different deadly enemies that you have to fight.

Fighting bosses

The game also allows you to fight bosses with your team of characters. To fight them you have to have proper strategies and skills that will take them down. The gamers can experience the epic RTS gameplay on their devices.

Guild system

The gamers can also enjoy the feature of guild system now along with the PVP. You can now join numerous other gamers online and build your own universe where you can fight battles and make the universe stronger together. You can challenge other gamers to come play with you and take over their territories if you win to become the greatest conquers. You can fight battles such as PVP Squad Arena, Squad Cantina Battles and squad tournaments to become the master of the galaxy.

Play with strong characters

You need to make smart choices when playing this game. Choose characters that have powerful skills and moves to defeat other players such as Chewbacca’s Wookie rage, Darth Sidious’s Force Lightning and many more.

Mod features for Star wars galaxy of heroes’ mod apk

  • This game causes a lot of trouble because of the cool down timer. Through the mod you can get rid of the cool down timer.
  • Unlimited energy is accessed through the mod features
  • Multiple attack is available in the mod feature (1 – 999)
  • Defense is also multiplied in the mod features (1 – 999)

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes’ Mod Apk SPECIFICATIONS

FILE NAME Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes’ Mod Apk
FILE SIZE 73.7 M.B,53.1 M.B
VERSION 19.526635
DEVELOPED BY Electronic Arts
LATEST UPDATE 2020/03/25

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

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How to install Star wars galaxy of heroes’ mod apk?

Follow the steps given below to install the game in your device.

  • Step 1: First uninstall the original game if you already have it installed in your device.
  • Step 2: The install the modded version
  • Step 3: play the game


Q1. How to show the EMT menu in star wars galaxy of heroes’?

Ans: you can do this by following the steps given below.

Step 1: go to settings and click apps or app management

Step 2: look for your game and then choose it

Step 3: turn the permission on by clicking on the tab that appears at the top.

Q2. How to fix the problem of your game crashing again and again and restart it?

Ans: if you have Android 6 or higher then you will have to go to settings and grant storage permission or overlay permission for the game.

Q3. How to login with Google in star wars galaxy of heroes’?

Ans: to do this follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1: as your device needs to root you will have to unsign the APK if the unsign APKs are uploaded too.

Step 2: The install the original game and sign in with Google or Facebook. Do not delete the original game after this.

Step 3: install the app lucky patcher

Step 4: Then patch the signature verification

Step 5: download the mod apk file

Step 6: play the game

Q4. How does the shard store work in star wars galaxy of heroes’?

Ans: shard store tokens can be spent in the in game store of star wars galaxy of heroes. You can convert the shards that you have collected into shard store tokens. One shard is equal to fifteen shard store tokens. You need to collect a lot of shard store tokens to make your purchase in this store.

Q5. What does the lock mean which shows near the status effect in the game?

Ans: these icons appear for buffs and debuffs. These icons do not disappear after a number of turns or by any other conventional methods.

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