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Cm Launcher 3D Pro Mod Apk v5.95.1 Full Unlocked Free Download

Cm Launcher 3D Pro Mod Apk
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Cm Launcher 3D Pro Mod Apk: Are you bored with your mainstream lock screen? Do you feel that your phone reflects your personality? In most cases people will agree to these statements. We often put on random quotes to motivates us on our lock screen but after a certain period, we do not even pay attention to those quotes because it becomes ordinary and we push back the idea of changing our lock screen due to various reasons like our laziness and lack of motivation. To enhance and improve the home and lock screen of our phones there are many apps out there.

After a lot of trial and error we have discovered an app that fills the void for us. The name of the app is cm launcher pro apk, this app helps the users to create their choice home and lock screen. The process of customizing the wallpaper intrigues the interest of people which in return makes them want to create wallpapers for themselves each day. If you often stay busy, you do not have to worry because this application has pre-made wallpapers and themes.

Through the pre-made wallpapers the users can choose the wallpapers of their choice and set it within seconds. This application not only helps you in customizing wallpapers but also optimizes the functionality of your device as it has in-built boosters to help with that.



Disable ads

You can disable the excessive ads on the app to limit it from disturbing you.

Allows creation of customized home screen

You can create new and innovative home screen wallpapers. If you feel lazy than you can also choose from the pre-made wallpapers and themes that are equally good.

Amazing graphics

The graphics of this application makes it unique and interesting, hence, the users will enjoy using this app.

Variety of themes

There are a variety of themes that are pleasant to look at you can choose different themes each day to suit your mood.


Not free of cost

This application is not entirely free of cost which means that you will have to pay a certain amount ton access all the features.

Complicated to use

This application is a little complicated to use, the users will have to practice for a while to understand it fully.


All the ads are removed

Ads can be annoying; users can remove the ads as per choice.

Finger gestures for quick commands

you can give commands through finger gestures only without manually clicking on options.

Not a heavy application

the application is not at all heavy and takes little space.

Fast functioning

The application is super-fast it does not take ages to complete a wallpaper.

Wide range of themes

There is a huge variety of themes that can be chosen each day depending upon the mood.

Automated wallpapers

You can generate the wallpapers automatically rather than doing everything manually.

Free wallpaper options

You also get some free wallpaper options which you can use and enjoy for free.

Easy cleaning of the phone

You can easily optimize and clean your phone by clicking on a single button.

Boosted functionality

There is an in-built booster in the app which helps in boosting the functionality of your device or phones.

Safeguard the privacy

This application additionally helps in safeguarding the privacy of your device.

Cm Launcher 3D Pro Mod Apk SPECIFICATIONS

FILE NAME Cm Launcher 3D Pro Mod Apk
FILE SIZE 21.1 M.B,21.1 M.B
VERSION 5.95.1
DEVELOPED BY Cheetah Mobile Inc.
LATEST UPDATE Jan 21, 2020

Download Link 1

Download Link 2


Many people find a game very engaging but are unable to download it or do not know how to
download the app successfully, however, you do not have to worry now as we have stated all the
steps in detail that will easily help you in downloading the game.
 The first step in downloading the game is to prepare your phone for the download.
 Make sure that your phone has enough space to enable the download, in case of less
space the game will not be downloaded.

 Next, visit your phone security settings and allow the unknown source this way the
downloaded file will install successfully.
 You can now access the download link and wait patiently for it to download completely
and then install it in your device.
 After installation you will have the game at your disposal to be played anytime.
 You can also create a shortcut for convenience.


Is this application available on Google play for installation?

This application is widely available on Google play since many of use sometimes have issues with Google play for some reason or the other an alternation way is explained above to assist the users to achieve a successful download.

What are the potential drawbacks of this application?

The potential drawbacks of this application are that the application is a little complicated to use many of us will have to understand it properly to enjoy. On the other hand, this application is also not free of cost the users have to pay a certain amount one time.

Is this application available in all countries?

Yes! This application can be availed in all countries with ease. You can get access to this application all over the world anytime.

Can we use this application without paying any money?

No! you have to pay a limited amount of money one time to get access to all the features of this application.

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