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Cooking Craze Mod Apk v1.54.0 Unlimited Money and Gems

Cooking Craze Mod Apk
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Do you love action but often feel the need to loosen up? We all have been in a situation where our love for action games die down a little and we switch to lighter games for a while. There are various types of games in the market and all have their group of audiences.

The games loved by adults are not enjoyed as much by kids. We all hunt for games once in a while that satiate our desire to let loose. We have been looking for such games for a while and found one that is loved by all age groups of people.

The name of the game is cooking craze mod apk, this game as the name indicates involves cooking. The users are bound to prepare new and innovative recipes to win the heart of the customers that act as judges in the game. If you are a newbie at cooking you can still try as there are recipes given to guide the players.

You can create delicious food by following the recipe card, this also allows the user to learn some recipes for real life to try. This game is a must-have for all the players that wish to play something that does not require a lot of intellectual power.



Interesting concept

This game is not unique but certain elements that are incorporated in it give it a unique touch. This game has an interesting concept which helps in engaging the user.

Enticing graphics

The graphics of this game are enticing which makes the user feel as if they are in the game for real. The graphics of this game are developed with expertise giving each aspect of the game a realistic touch.

Extended range of utensils and cooks

There is a wide variety of utensils and cooks that the users can choose from. This keeps the user interested for a long time as all of us like variety in day to day life

Free gameplay

This game is free of cost which is the biggest advantage for kids and teenagers that are looking to have a great time without spending a lot of money on games.


Very easy to play

The easy gameplay can be a disadvantage as the users get the hang of the game very easily. It starts to get repetitive hence the users get bored very easily.

Not challenging

The game is not challenging enough to keep the users interested for a long time, the game without challenge does not feel like a game and rather seem blander for the user.


Fun and light

This game is fun and light, best for days where you feel mentally drained.

Play without WIFI

You can play this game without WIFI in an offline mode.

Cook modern food

You can cook modern and contemporary dishes to impress customers.

Use your innovative side

You can use your innovative side to produce new dishes.

recipes available

there is a wide range of recipes available for guidance.

use your strategic skill to impress customers

you can enhance and test your strategic skills that are required to impress the customers.

get upgraded to get premium ingredients

you can get premium ingredients if you get upgraded.

test your time-management skills

you can test your time management skills as the users get limited time to prepare dishes.

get options to cook green dishes

the players get the option to cook with green ingredients that are more earth-friendly.


FILE NAME Cooking Craze Mod Apk
FILE SIZE 90 M.B,91.5 M.B
VERSION 1.54.0
LATEST UPDATE 21-03-2020

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

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You have to be patient throughout the download process as it can take a few minutes for your
game to get downloaded. Your internet speed is the main force factor of the amount of time it
will take for the game to get download. The step to accomplish while performing the download
process are mentioned subsequently:
 Click the download button provided on the webpage.
 Click on the settings and enable the unknown source in security.
 Wait for the download to happen.
 Click on install once the download is done.
 Create a shortcut and enjoy.


Is this application available on Google play for installation?

No! this particular version of the game is not present on Google play, however another option to download the game is stated above which will guide you through the alternate way of downloading the game.

What are the potential drawbacks of this application?

The biggest drawback of this game is that the users do not feel as challenged in this game as they would in other games. There is not much for a player to do in this game as it was very easy to use.

Is this application available in all countries?

Yes! This application is available in all countries. The users who live in countries where most apps are not available do not have to worry as you can find this application in your cities.

Can we use this application without paying any money?

Yes! This application is free of cost, parents can keep their children busy without paying any money.

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