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DEAD TARGET MOD APK v4.35.1.2 Download Unlimited Money and Gold

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Do you love shooting and killing games? Then DEAD TARGET MOD APK exciting game brings you a story line starting in 2040, when World war III takes place, the country limits changes and advanced weapons and new modern warfare are brought out. The name dead target comes from the contract named Dead Target signed between Minister of Defense and CS Corporations.

The aim of the project is to transform the hostages into outstanding evil combat killers. But the CS Corporations didn’t keep up with the contract and trigged a zombie eruption leaving only two people behind to survive those are you and agent M. So, now get into this game and start killing the zombies but first rescue agent M so that both of you can join the rescue camp and save the humanity as it all lies in your hands.

So, get on this amazing thrilling and killer adventure with awesome graphics and save the world from this zombie apocalypse as all this is in only your hands! Install now and play this amazing game with awesome graphics filled with shooting and modern war weapons.


LATEST UPDATE March 25, 2020

Download Link 1

Download Link 2



  • Content

To keep the game going and to keep the players on edge, the developers add content regularly which is beneficial for the gamers as they do not get bored with the same old game.

  • Rewards

You play multiple games but you are almost never rewarded for your good aims but Dead Target gives you awards at every best shot you take increasing your money bank.

  • Addicting

With the captivating story, this game brings a load of challenges which keeps the gamers addicted to it and keep them coming back for more and unlimited hours.


  • Winnings

This game is amazing with amazing graphics but due to some bugs, it fails to provide its gamers with the rewards they gained that is not good and makes some people angry.


  • Costless and Entertaining

As soon as you enter the world of Dead Target, you start facing the hordes and hordes of zombies coming at you all at once. This amazing free game lets you feel like a slayer by pushing a large number of zombies towards you to kill them. You can use any way to kill the zombies for example you can chop them up like minced meat, crush them or gain head shots by aiming for the heads. Get regular updates and kill your way through to the top of the zombie effected world, all for free.

  • Awesome Effects

This zombie game brings awesome realistic 3D graphics with it. The lighting that shows the zombie infection are portrayed through 3D graphics. To bring the huge and awesome feeling, this game comes with ragdoll implementation. There are various gun shot sounds show casing the real sounds of guns and imitations of multiple nature sounds to create a game play that enables its users with a real time experience.

  • Deadly creatures

To make the game more interesting the developers put in efforts in their characters so to kill various walking dead’s, you have to think like a sniper before attacking as sometimes the clear head shot is not the best option to kill your enemy. Each zombie is given a form having a special ability of its own. The big boss the most difficult one looks like some crazy terminator trying to hunt you down while the other zombies are a ticking bomb going around which can be extremely dangerous for you and agent M as they have sick viruses that can be transformed to you from a long range. So, keep an eye open for all the deadly creatures!

  • Things to kill

To kill these zombies you require a wide range of weapons and warfare, this game brings rifles, shotguns, grenades, machine guns and many other type of gadgets for you to use and get your best aims and shots of the deadly creatures. It allows you to explore modern combat wars by selecting a range of strong guns and ranking up to unlock those killer guns and become the true killer. Select the right boosts for your guns and get weapons easily without farming which means the better the strategy the easy it will be for you to become the terminator of the battle field just like the real-life shooter.

  • Achievements

You have to complete the tasks and quests given to you in order to increase your rank and unlock multiple items. With this free game shoot as much zombies as you want as your progress will be written as a daily diary. You will get highest pay for your unique yet weird achievements through the level.

  • Leaderboard

The Dead Target lets you compare your progress and get above your friends in the scoreboards. Allows you to connect through social medias like Facebook and share all your achievements and reach on top of your friend list as well as other players list.

  • Maps

Fight while staying in the front line. Run towards the safe zone by preventing zombie escapes, want to perform research treatments? Then clear the zombies in the hospital for it. Stop the spread of the walking dead over the city and villages by stopping them before they enter a subway. Keep an eye open for all the keys to survival as one shot can save you or kill you so stay strong with your SWAT supporters and keep winning the game. There are 500 battles in different maps so enjoy and explore all those as you move forward in the game.


  • New gifts and events

Now the game offers new Battle Pass format of events for all the users and also allows them to get daily gifts for the regular users.

  • Ads and performance

In this new version some bug fixes have been done and advertisements have been removed for the ease of its gamers also the performance of the game has been enhanced slightly for a better gaming experience.


Follow these steps and you will enter the world of Dead Target in no time,

  • Firstly, download the Dead Target mod apk file from the link provided or the download button given on the web page.
  • The as soon as the download is completed, go to your system settings and in those settings scroll down to your security settings.
  • As soon as you enter your security settings, search for the option for allow installation from unknown resources and give permission.
  • After completing the above steps, go back to your downloaded file and now install the game.
  • And now you can start killing the zombies!


  • Is the game available for free on Google play with all these features?

No! Google play has an in- app purchases version but this one is completely free as it is a modified version.

  • How many languages does the game support?

The game only supports English language.

  • Is it safe to install?

Yes! As the game doesn’t require root to be installed.

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