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Face App Pro Mod Apk v3.12.0.1 Latest Version Free Download

Face App Pro Mod Apk
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We live in a world which is constantly growing day by day. We make new memories every single day and in order to preserve them, we click pictures. The social media world is all about pictures nowadays and for this reason there are many editing apps developed every now and then.

Today, the editing app we’ll be talking about is face app pro apk that has been published by a Russian company, FaceApp inc. Face app pro apk is a photo editing app with many other features too. Users can now edit their pictures according to how they like them for example you can change your hairstyle, add make up to your face and even remove any wrinkles on your face. The app has been used by more than 100m people out there and has an incredible rating. People have absolutely loved it because of how easy and amazing it is due to its features.

The specifications of the app are mentioned down below, do have a look at them,

Advantages and Disadvantages



The app, face app pro apk is completely safe to use. Users have nothing to worry about at all. Your devices won’t get hacked or no virus will enter your phone.

Free of cost:

Unlike most of the editing apps out there, face app pro apk is completely free of cost. Users won’t have to pay anything at all in order to the use the incredible features of this app.


Moreover, there is nothing complicated about this app. It has very ray controls and is not at all complicated.


The app is compatible with both android and iOS users, making it accessible to a huge amount of people out there.

File size:

The file size of the app is quite small, making it easier for users to install it since it won’t use much storage or won’t hang one’s phone.



Some people were facing an issue where the app used to crash.



The app has a feature where it can show what your face will look like as you age. How exciting is that? You can now check if you’ll more like your mom or your dad as you age!

Swaps gender:

Users are also provided with a very fun feature where they can swap their gender. If you’re a girl, you can now easily check how you’ll look like a boy and vice verse.

Photo editor:

The app also acts as a photo editor. It has the ability to reproduce your image and making it even more amazing with the exciting features the app includes,

Emotions can be transformed:

Moreover, another fun feature that the app includes is that it has the ability to transfer emotions like from sad to happy, from angry to calm and many many more.


The best part is that the app is quite easy to use. Users won’t face a single issue when using it and has very easy controls.

Unique photos:

You can now create some very unique photos using this incredible app and show them to your friends by uploading them to your social media accounts.

Built in camera:

Moreover, the app also contains a build in camera from which users can click a picture and start editing.

Change hair colour:

Wanted to see how your hair would look like if you dye them red? Well, this app has the ability to change your hair colour and hair style according to how you like it. You can now choose your favourite colour and change your hair colour. How cool is that?

Apply makeup:

The app also has a feature where users can apply makeup to their picture and make it even more beautiful.

Replace background:

If you use this app, you can easily replace the background of your picture in just a single click.


Always wanted a tattoo? Well you can now easily add a tattoo to your pictures and see how it looks!


FILE NAME Face App Pro Mod Apk
VERSION 3.5.10
LATEST UPDATE March 12, 2020

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

How to install?

The installation process for this app is as easy as cake. All you have to do is follow a few simple easy steps and you’re good to go.

Step number 1:

First, go to the google play store of your android devices or the App Store of your iOS devices.

Step number 2:

Now, type the name of the app in the search box.

Step number 3:

Now, the game will appear. You will see the installation button right next to the app. Click on it, and start installing.

Step number 4:

You’ll have to wait for a couple of minutes for the app to be installed. Once the installation process is complete, you will see the app icon on your home screen.

Now open the app and start using it and enjoy its amazing features!


Are there any in app purchases involved?

Yes. There are some in app purchases involved in this app.

Are there any third party advertisements involved?

Nope, there are no third party advertisements involved in this app.

Will the file size of the app be harmful for my device?

The file size of this app is 19M which is quite tiny. It won’t be harmful for your device in any way and won’t use a lot of your storage either.

Is the app safe?

Absolutely yes! The app is extremely safe to use. Users will face no issue while using it. Your device will be 100% safe and secure.

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