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Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow Mod Apk v1.6.6 Latest Version

Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow Mod Apk
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Futurama worlds of tomorrow mod apk is developed by TinyCo based on a cartoon series that take you on an exciting adventure. The new version begins when Hpnotoad comes to planet Express to execute his naughty plans. He has imprisoned and brainwashed Professor Farnsworth this time who asks the people of planet express to deliver themselves and their planet.

With the help of the professor and the technologies at hand hypnotoad tears through the time space and creates an alternative universe. He sends a female hypnotoad to the current universe. This disrupts the system and the whole universe tears down leaving only Fry and Nibble. The game then takes you on a journey to fight hypnotoad and help fry and nibble to save their universe and save their friends.

Futurama worlds of tomorrow will take you on a journey through the different planets and help you explore a lot of things in space. You can choose your character from the various characters such as fry, leela and a lot more who you have been familiarized with through the series. Make your characters more strong and unlock new actions as you collect and earn coins through the levels.

Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow Mod Apk

Advantages and disadvantages of Futurama worlds of tomorrow



the game is free of cost and people do not need to pay any charges to play the game.


the game is a much better version of farm with features such as space travel and loads of action.


along with all the action and a serious mission to save the universe the game instills humor and funny jokes by the characters.


the graphic effects are added to recreate the graphics of the cartoon series. The game also features the 8 bit combat.

Unlimited features:

The mod helps you to unlock the features of the game. Using the mod file you can play the game for free.


the game can easily be installed on any android device and it does not need a lot of space either.


Donat choking:

you cannot play for more than twenty minutes a day without this.


Numerous characters

The game introduces you to a variety of characters from the cartoon series. Each of these characters has their own special moves. You can choose from these characters and form a crew of your own choice.

Building cities

Now you can build and customize the cities according to your own choice. You begin by rebuilding the city of New York and collecting loots as you build this city. Buildings are added to the city which will have an effect on the city as well as the people living in it. The buildings will allow the people to return to the city.

Explore galaxies

This game allows you to participate in the various intergalactic missions and explore the universe.

Characters customization

You can change the looks of your characters according to what you like and unlock new outfits for them as you level up.

Collection of artifacts

The gamers are also given the task to collect the various artifacts that are scattered all over the universe. These artifacts allow you restore the universe to the way it was.

Sound and music

The game creates a feeling of nostalgia among the players as t brings back the soundtrack and sound effects of the original series and enhances them.

Turn based combats

The game offers the humorous turn based combats on the enemies by engaging yourself in the epic 8 bit combat.

Halloween Event

This is a new event which includes a robot devil. This new event can be accessed by reaching central park. In this you have to save the planet earth from the wrath of Robot devil and his incubates.

Mod Features

  • Character action skipping is free
  • There is a free store from where you can get free supplies, decoration and buildings.
  • Rent skipping and Land clear skipping is also free in the mod apk.
  • You can unlock all the shop items.
  • The premium items in the store are also free.
  • You can also get free fuel through the fuel hack.


FILE NAME Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow Mod Apk
FILE SIZE 91.4 MB,94.9 MB
LATEST UPDATE 30.03.2020

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

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How to install Futurama worlds of tomorrow mod apk?

  • Download the mod file
  • Find the mod file downloaded in your cell phone in downloads
  • Install the file
  • You can now play the game.


Q1. How to reset the futurama world of tomorrow?

Ans: To do this go to the settings of the game and remove your Google play account by clicking disconnect. Now go to the applications option and grim soul to delete all the remaining data related to the game. Finally restart your game and login to your Google account again.

Q2. How to promote characters in futurama worlds of tomorrow?

Ans: The characters are promoted by collecting badges which come from the various missions on each planet. These characters are promoted and given passive abilities and at 4 star rank they gain up to 5 passive abilities that help them fight in the missions.

Q3. How to get fuel in the futurama worlds of tomorrow game?

Ans: fuel is the second most important currency of the game and finishes while completing the different the missions. You can refuel your ship by waiting for the timed refuel which may take a while till you play again. You can also purchase the refuel items through pizza.

Q4. How many events does the game have?

Ans: The game consists of a number of interesting events. Some of these events are listed below.

  • Wise bots
  • Love is in the air
  • A time to give thanks
  • Getting Experimental
  • Get a job
  • Island of lost bots
  • Alpha
  • Zapp Brannigan and the Doop gear up for war.

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