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Textra SMS Pro Mod Apk v4.24 Download Latest Version 2020

Textra Pro Mod Apk
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Textra SMS Pro Mod Apk:Do you get bored with the old contemporary chat space with little to no features? Us humans, always seek variety in our day to day life. We all are bound to get bored with the same repetitive things one day or the other. Hence, we need a break from our routine life from time to time.

Chatting and messaging playing a huge role in our everyday life. The constant online conversation with our friends makes us stay connected no matter how constraining our time differences are or wherever we live the online platforms provide us a chance to stay connected no matter what.

There are new inventions every day with a lot of modifications that make us stay updated. We all download applications that make our day to day job easier for us.  An ap named Textra is an app that provides the user with an alternate chat space.

The chat space is not your traditional chat box; however, this is much more advanced and fuller of features. The users get to use more emojis to make their chat expressive. The application is highly compatible with android phones and the users can send each other video and audio messages. This app will prove to highly efficient for those who like to stay connected with their loved ones daily.



New innovative chat space

If you are over your old chat spaces, this one might spike your interest as this app provides a new chat space that makes connectivity more intriguing.

Increased emoji option

Who doesn’t like emojis? Emojis make our conversation more expressive. Through this app the users will be able to use even more advanced emojis in their chat.

Compatible with an android phone

Some of the applications are not that compatible with android phones. This application is highly compatible with android phones.

Send video messages

You can also send video messages through an in-built icon which makes chatting a more interesting experience.


Takes up a lot of space

This app takes a lot of space on the user’s phone. This may be a disadvantage for those that do not have much space in their phones. Eliminating junk files and keeping the phone cleaner can reduce the chance of phone getting hanged.

Several ads

Ad annoys many of us, we particularly don’t want to see ads in any application we are using. This application, however, supports a lot of ads that annoy the user.


Easy to use

The application is very easy to use and anyone can get a hang of it easily.

Innovative graphics

The graphical formation of the app is worth appreciating.

Picture format

You can send messages in forms of GIFs.

More than 100 different themes

There are various themes that the user can choose according to their preferences.

Swipe delete option

Just by swiping the message gets deleted.

Restrict sending

You can stop the messages from sending if you have sent a wrong message to someone.

Select multiple pictures to send

The traditional messaging app does not allow you to send more than 10 pictures, however, this app allows you to send multiple pictures at the same time.

Set background according to your liking

You can change the background according to your liking and mood.

Audio, video and text messages

You can use audio, video or text format to send exchange messages.

Reminders and notifications

You get reminded about any messages that you have in your inbox and about various other things.


FILE NAME Textra SMS Pro Mod Apk
FILE SIZE 23.84 M.B,25,4 M.B
LATEST UPDATE 1 March 2020

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

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The process to install the application is fairly easy as it can be downloaded in the android phones very easily, one of the simplest options to download this application in the phone is through Google play which requires the user to type in the name of the application in the search bar and download it by clicking on the install button provided. In case, due to any issues if the application cannot be downloaded through Google play, the following steps can be adopted to download the application:

First of all, the users have to click on the download link provided on the website which will initiate the process of the download.

Secondly go to your phone settings where you will find a security option.

Click on the security option and enable the unknown files.

After you have enabled the unknown source and the file has been downloaded on your phone.

Click on the install button, the download is almost complete.

Create a shortcut on the main window of the phone so that it can be accessed easily.

Your application is now ready to be used.


Is this application available on Google play for installation?

Yes! This version of the application is available on Google play, often users have to face a situation where the Google play is not working, in this case, the users can use the steps provided above to download the application successfully in their phones.

What are the potential drawbacks of this application?

There are two potential drawbacks of this application; first is that it takes up a lot of space on your phone. The users will have to clear up junk files to make their phones function well. The second drawback is that this app contains a lot of advertisement which is irritating for a lot of users.

Is this application available in all countries?

Yes! This application is available all over the world, the users can avail this application anywhere anytime.

Can we use this application without paying any money?

Yes! This application is available for free, the users do not have to pay any penny to avail this application.

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